Songs of Solomon: 3:4 (NIV)

VM: I met this beautiful lady in secondary school, which at that time, she was less of a lady and more of a tom-¬boy with braces. We started off as good friends. She would braid my hair and tell me about the latest book she was reading, truth be told I didn’t care about the book I just needed my hair done before lunch was over.There were days we would stay in the music room with our good friend Marcus writing songs till the bell rang. It was there I heard her voice for the first time and was amazed. From then our friendship grew, and I even gave her the nick name Angel because underneath all that tom-¬boy was something beautiful. We would have great conversations and debates on church and gospel music and in that we found something in common.
IB: In many ways we were the total opposite. At school he was the “ladies man”, he was that funny guy at school, who would bend the rules and get out of trouble with a cheeky smile and a slick line. I was the play by the rules, head in my books tomboy, who’s only aim was to get to college with good grades. But we did have other things in common. We both loved God and gospel music, which was a surprise to both of us, because he used to tell me off for swearing and I used to question the type of music he listened to. From braiding his hair, to writing songs in the music room, we got pretty close. He once told me that I came in at the right time in his life and that’s why he calls me Angel. Some people still don’t know my name is actually Ife. It wasn’t until the summer after school had finished and we were waiting to see where life would take us next, that I joined his gospel group. Not really knowing why, things seemed to change from there.
VM: Years later secondary school was over and it was time to move to college. This was the season of new friendships and new directions. I remember speaking to Angel saying, “I’m thinking of starting a group, what do you think? Do you want to be a part of it?” she said, it sounded like a great idea and she’d be happy to join. So I invited her to the first rehearsal at my sister’s house and what happened next I would never forget. I opened the door to see this fine looking young thing, hair done, no longer in school uniform, she still had her braces, but she looked stunning. I let her in after about 20 seconds, staring and thinking to myself is this the same girl? Anyhow rehearsal went on and we all went home, and the first thing I remembered was saying to my bro Yuri, “what do you think of Angel?” he said, “she’s nice” and I replied “she is mine…”
IB: We started having bible study and praying together, his spin on common stories always made me laugh. He was always the one to call, thinking up excuses to talk to me till he got comfortable and could just call to talk. He thought he was slick asking me random questions trying to find out if I liked him or if I was interested in someone else. I thought that was funny as I obviously knew what he was up to.
VM: Over time we ran up my phone bill till God opened up a door called 5day Pass. It was £5 but I’m sure T-¬mobile put it up to £7.50 because of me. As young people do we lived on the phone and msn. It got to the point I told Angel how I felt about her thinking she would do the same… She just gave me an ok. I poured out my heart and she gave me an OK!



IB: As cute as I thought he was and as much as he made me laugh, I wouldn’t be turned that quickly, plus I come from a very strict Nigerian household and my parents didn’t play that. But he was persistent, which is one of the things I love about him.
VM: I’m sure it was the rejection that made me pursue her even more. I will never forget when I told her “I think I love you”, she shut me down with, “do you even know what love is?” So here I am thinking this girl ain’t even all that, out of shame and embarrassment. I finally tell her I want to be with her and the first thing she brings up is marriage. I’m thinking to myself, I’m only 17. But it showed me that this girl wasn’t one to mess around with and it made me like her even more.
IB: He asked me out quite a few times before I said “let’s pray about it.” I didn’t even give him a yes straight off the bat lol. I wasn’t willing to say yes unless God said yes first and it was a good sign when Volney agreed to do the same. Funny thing is, the first time he approached me about this topic I already knew he was my husband, I just needed him to see for himself what I was to him. I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember, he is the most amazing person I have been blessed to me and I am so glad the he is God’s heart for me.
VM: She showed me even at a young age that we can pray and have bible study, that it wasn’t about a title of boyfriend and girlfriend but the title of friendship was more important. It was that that made me fall in love with her. I remember asking her out a few months after that and she said yes… And that was the beginning of who we are today.